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Northern Ireland's first neurodivergent-affirming

Speech and Language Therapy Practice

Our Vision: A society where autistic children and adults thrive and where their authentic communication is valued, understood, and accepted. ​

Our Mission: To provide therapeutic support, advice, resources and professional advocacy for the direct and/or indirect benefit of autistic children and young people, and others with communication challenges.​

At Access Communication, we acknowledge the endless variation in human minds and consequently, the great variation in how people communicate and interact; however, we recognise that there is still a lack of understanding and acceptance of communication styles that differ from the majority in society, in general. This lack of understanding and acceptance can make everyday events/experiences, education and community participation more difficult, stressful and sometimes, impossible. A lack of understanding and acceptance can mean that autistic children and young people do not access the support and accommodations they need to be successful and to do the things they want to do, in the way that is best for them.


We want to contribute to making a change in how society includes, accepts and supports neurodivergent people, especially autistic children and young people.  Informed by current research and by the many autistic and neurodivergent advocates, we will provide a range of supports and services that will help us achieve our mission.  ​

At Access Communication, our practice is underpinned by the following beliefs and principles:

  • Every child/young person has the potential to learn. 

  • Every child/young person has the right to communicate in a way that is accessible for them.

  • Every child/young person has the right succeed in their own life, regardless of barriers they may encounter.

  • To achieve this, every child and young person with communication needs should access the support they need to reach their goals so that they can achieve happiness and personal accomplishment.

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