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Meet Elaine

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Elaine McGreevy

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Elaine, a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist since 1996.  She has been a leading clinician, making a significant contribution to the development of services for autistic children and young people since 2001.

Elaine promotes a positive and informed understanding of autistic children and young people, working within the Neurodiversity Paradigm which states that neurodivergence is a natural and valid form of human divversity. There is no one right way to communicate, think, or learn. Neurodvergent-affirming Speech and Language Therapy rejects teaching a child or young person to communicate in ways that do not support them to become confident and authentic communicators. Elaine rejects behaviourally based Speech and Language Therapy approaches which are not trauma-informed and do not lead to good outcomes. 


Elaine is the co-founder of Divergent Perspectives, which is a professional online training company offering training on Neurodiversity and neurodivergent-affirming supports. 

If you are interested in accessing communication support for your child or in commissioning training for your setting,

contact us on 07720286344 or email

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