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Dr Cliona Cummings, Consultant Paediatrician, and Elaine Mc Greevy, Speech and Language Therapist offer multidisciplinary Autism Assessments. Dr. Cummings have worked together since 2006 and are passionate about providing an affirming identification process.  We see children aged up to 16 years old.

The assessment is usually completed in two sessions. Dr Cummings will meet you and your child at the first appointment. Dr Cummings will undertake the neurodevelopmental history taking and complete the medical assessment. Information will be requested from your child's teacher/other professionals. Elaine will then complete the one to one assessment (ADOS-2 and/or other assessments, if necessary) with your child. You will be provided with a detailed, strengths-based report, confirming the outcome of assessment and formal identification.

Our reports indicating formal identification of Autism are accepted by all NHS Trusts in Northern Ireland. When a NHS Trust accepts the diagnostic outcome, the Education Authority will also accept the formal identification.  


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