Autism Assessments are completed in a minimum of two sessions. Dr Cummings, Consultant Paediatrician, will meet you and your child at the first appointment. Dr Cummings will undertake the neurodevelopmental history taking and complete the medical assessment. Information will be requested from your child's teacher/other professionals. Elaine McGreevy, Speech and Language Therapist, will then complete the one to one assessment (ADOS-2 and/or other assessments, if necessary) with your child. You will be provided with a detailed, strengths-based report, confirming the outcome of assessment.


Following a confirmed diagnosis, Elaine can offer parent only advice and signposting sessions or parent training. Elaine also can provide a series of individual support sessions for the young person.


The focus of these sessions may cover the following:

  • learning about autistic and non-autistic communication styles

  • exploring what being autistic means to them

  • exploring different ways of communicating

  • learning how to advocate for their own needs, boundaries and preferences

  • learning how to identify ways to manage demands and priorities

  • learning how to build in rest and relaxation

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