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We offer a range of services to meet an individual's communication needs. Some may benefit from an assessment and advice session only. Others may benefit from a period of individual sessions or sessions in a small group with other children/young people with similar needs. Support sometimes may be best provided by advising professionals supporting your child. Individual consultations with teachers or other professionals can be arranged. Bespoke training can be delivered. We offer multi-disciplinary autism assessment. 
All advice and support is provided within a positive, neurodiversity framework, which values and celebrates the variation in human communication.

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Assessment and Advice sessions

An assessment is completed in two parts. The first part is completed by telephone or zoom and involves case-history taking, reviewing development to date and parental concerns. This usually takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The second part involves a one to one assessment with the child/young person at their home or in one of our clinic locations. This will last 45 to 60 minutes. On completion of assessment, verbal feedback and advice will be provided. As necessary, we will signpost to services and other supports. Should a period of therapy to address identified communication needs, that can be arranged.

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Group SLT Sessions

If appropriate, your child can be listed for language or communication group sessions. Group sessions can be a motivating social context where your child can build confidence in communicating.

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Multi-disciplinary Autism Assessment

Autism Assessments are completed in a minimum of two sessions. Dr Cummings, Consultant Paediatrician, will meet you and your child at the first appointment. Dr Cummings will undertake the neurodevelopmental history taking and complete the medical assessment. Information will be requested from your  child's teacher/other professionals. Elaine Mc Greevy, SLT, will then complete the one to one assessment (ADOS-2 and/or other assessments, if necessary) with your child. You will be provided with a detailed, strengths-based report, confirming the outcome of assessment.


Following a confirmed diagnosis, Elaine can offer parent only advice and signposting sessions or parent training. Elaine also can provide a series of individual support sessions for the young person. The focus of these sessions may cover the following:

- learning about autistic and non-autistic communication styles

- exploring what being autistic means to them

- exploring different ways of communicating

- learning how to advocate for their own needs, boundaries and preferences

- learning how to identify ways to manage demands and priorities

- learning how to build in rest and relaxation

Interested in accessing communication support for your child? Interested in commissioning bespoke training for your setting? Contact us by phone 07720286344 or email to see what we can offer: info@accesscommunication.org.uk


Individual SLT Sessions

After assessment, we can offer a period of one to one SLT sessions to address communication needs as a result of the following difficulties:

- language difficulties

- language disorder

- speech sound difficulties

- communication difficulties

We provide support to implement Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC). 

Sessions can be provided at home, school or in one of our clinic locations.

Training for teachers and other professionals can also be provided to support your child's communication.

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