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Access Commu

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

assessment and


Interested in learning more about our assessment and advice sessions? Click learn more below for all relevant information 

Super Hero Kids


and language sessions

Interested in learning more about the types of speech and language therapy sessions we offer? Click learn more below for all relevant information 

Cute Boy

Multidisciplinary Autism


We offer Autism Assessments and these are completed in a minimum of two sessions. For further information on our Autism Assessment process, click learn more below for all relevant information 

Interested in accessing communication support for your child? Interested in commissioning bespoke training for your setting? Contact us by phone 07720286344 or email to see what we can offer:



Access Communication provides compassionate and high-quality services.
Our practice aligns with the principles of neurodiversity, which value all kinds of minds and neurological differences.
We support individuals to successfully communicate, to be understood and to be their authentic selves.  

Elaine offers speech and language therapy assessment, personalised therapy programmes,
and training for parents, educators, health professionals and youth workers.
Multi-disciplinary Autism Assessment is available.
Initial telephone or online consultations are provided at no charge.
In-person and teletherapy sessions are available.

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